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Q. Is the Jewels of Tau a Greek organization (sorority)?
~ The Jewels are a non-profit, non-greek, service organization. The Jewels were founded by Alpha Phi Omega National Service Fraternity Incorporated (a Greek organization). For this reason we have greek-like attitributes. No we aren't what one might call a"wanna be" sorority.

Q. Do the Jewels of Tau step and have probate/coming out shows?
~ The Jewels don't step nor do they have probate/coming out shows. It is however a Jewel tradition to take pictures of the newest members in front of the student union.

Q. Do the Jewels service projects take place only on campus?
~ The Jewels of Tau perform community service on campus, off campus and we have recently expanded our projects to other cities in Florida such as Jacksonville and Orlando.

Q. When are meetings held?
~ Jewels of Tau do not hold "open" meetings. Our meetings are open only to members.However, there are ways for interested ladies to interact with us. Please see the Membership or Contact Our Chapter pages.

Q. Is membership open only to African-American women ?
~ No, the Jewels of Tau Service Organization Inc. does not discriminate. Our sisters come from many different ethnic groups including Asian,Caucasian,and Hispanic.

Q. How did Jewels get their colors?
~ Jewels were founded by an all male (Tau) chapter of Alpha Phi Omega National Service Fraternity. Jewels kept the colors Royal Blue and Old Gold as a momento of their founders. Although several other organizations (both at USF and beyond campus) use a variation of blue and gold as their official colors, the Jewels of Tau Service Organization, Inc. does not have any affiliation with these organizations.

Q. Are members of Jewels of Tau just "Tshirt wearers"?
~ No! We are very active in our communities (including the USF community). We have membership in several other organizations at USF and beyond. Being a Jewel means more than wearing the name etc. It is having a lifetime of dedication to service. The Gamma Chapter was named "Volunteer Service Organization of the Year" ( by Volunteer USF) for five consecutive years.